Boudoir Boutique’s Blogger Round Up!



Cheesy I know, had to be done! But in all seriousness, we want to help you out!

It’s hard in the blogger world. Trying to get your name out there when people are so set in their ways with the big names (we know, trust us!). I love, and probably spend way too much time!, reading through your blogs. They are well written, informative and usually give me a chuckle or two. So I want to help you out and hopefully give you a bit more publicity.

Boudoir are hoping to start the Boudoir Boutiques Blogger Round Up#BOUDOIRRU for short, and so I can keep track on Twitter! Basically the goal is to have all of your blogs and social media links in one place. So if someone is browsing the site and thinks huh, that butt plug looks fun but how do I get started? They can pop (sorry) over to our #BOUDOIRRU page and have a browse to find a blog that may have a guide or two on how to get them started.

This is currently just an idea and I want to see what kind of response we’d have and how everyone feels about it. If enough people would like to be involved, we’re ready to go! If we do go ahead, we would be looking for a blogger or two to work together in running the Round Up and running a separate twitter account, recruiting new bloggers and sharing existing bloggers new posts etc.

We would love to in the future have some kind of literal round up and get everyone together, but baby steps! So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in having your name on, leave us a message below and we’ll add you to our list! This is so we can get an idea of numbers and how many people would like to take part. When we’re running, you’ll be able to let us know if there’s something specific you’d like to be branded with – for example, expert butt stuffer, or queen of clit play – a fun (un)official title for yourself. And if you’d like the world to know how super cool we are too, we will have a little of badge of honour for you to proudly display on your site so your readers can see what we’re all about! If enough people are interested, we will also have a password protected forum you can join to connect with other bloggers for a chat, arrange guest posts, just a general gaggle of bloggers, we hope! We are really excited about starting this and we hope you are too.

If you have any questions or are interested, leave a message!

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