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This is my first Tantus product and I was excited to be trying out their unique formula of “100% ultra-premium silicone”!

The Curve appealed to me for several reasons; it gets good reviews, it’s sharply curved for precise g-spot stimulation and it has RIDGES! I’m enjoying experimenting with textured dildos and I can’t get enough of ridges, ripples and vein detailing. When Boudoir Boutique had the Curve on offer, there was no stopping me!

It arrived in discreet packing thankfully (as it came to my work address!). The Tantus packaging is bright and colourful, with a clear window displaying the product.

The Tantus Curve is stunning; it is a luxurious shade of midnight purple and has a slight shimmer to it. The silicone feels divine; now I understand why people rave about Tantus products! It’s pleasantly smooth, with a beautiful silky texture. The curve is very pronounced and has some flex; enough to bend but it keeps its shape.

It’s quite heavy and the base is wide which makes it perfect for harness wear. It also helps with solo thrusting as the wide, flat base is easy to grip onto.

The dildo needs lots of lube in my opinion to prevent drag; I like to use lube and a bit of orgasm balm or gel. The bulbed head enters my pussy with a satisfying pop, followed by those gorgeous ridges which gently stretch me. I thrust with the large base, but I can find the head too tapered to satisfy me in this way so I prefer pulling the Curve out and in again incredibly slowly, allowing the ridges to stretch me as they are teased in and out of my swollen pussy. I combine this gentle teasing with a clit vibe and it doesn’t take long before I reach a leg shaking orgasm!

The tapered tip offers pinpoint stimulation, which some will love – I tend to prefer a wider head against my g-spot but that’s just my personal preference. I use the Curve as a slow tease to get the best of those luscious ridges!

Clean up is easy but take care to spray sex toy cleaner all around the ridges and give it a thorough rinse. For an intensive clean, the dildo is boilable and dishwasher safe.

The quality of the silicone is what makes this dildo really special, in my opinion it’s worth spending a bit more to experience this sort of material. If you’re seeing a quality, sexy looking g-spot or p-spot dildo for solo or harness use, this could be the one for you!


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You can grab a Tantus Curve for yourself here:https://boudoiradultboutique.co.uk/product/tantus-curve-dildo-purple/

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  1. Ooh. Tantus always has such lovely products, but I’ve never looked at this one much. Thanks for the review!

  2. No problem! I am very impressed with their products, the silicone is so nice!! I’ll definitely be buying more of their stuff. Hope you enjoy the Curve if you like it!

    PP x

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