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Delivery was quick and discrete so there’s no need to worry that you’ll
receive a box emblazoned with dildos from Boudoir Boutique. No one would guess the
contents from the unassuming box.

The wand attachment itself was simply packaged in a sealed plastic bag. This is
definitely no frills but perfect as realistically, this is just going in the bin.

The silicone used is matte to the touch and slightly draggy when in use so i’d
recommend a water based lube to reduce any unwanted friction.

Wand Essentials Purple Massage Bumps Silicone Attachment is covered in raised
nodules approx. 1/2 cm high and is a gorgeous light purple colour – this design is
also available in blue if you prefer a toy that isn’t the normally pink/purple
most sex toys come in. Personally, I love turning my wand into a giant blackberry!

Size wise, the wand attachment is 2 1/2 inches across including the rim and is a
perfect fit for both my Doxy and Tokidoki wands. It is only 2 1/2 inches deep though,
so it looks more like a hat than a full cover.

The silicone does slightly dampen the vibrations of my wands but as these are high
powered this isn’t much of an issue and the additional stimulation offered by
the nodules more than makes up for it.

The raised bumps feel delicious against my labia and offered slightly more direct
stimulation than the broad wand head alone. AMAZING!

The bumps do make cleaning the wand attachment a little tricky, I’d recommend a
designated tooth brush to get in and out of all of the nooks and cranny’s, as lube and
fluids tend to collect there but being silicone and completely waterproof (as long
as the wand isn’t still attached!) this was easy to clean with some antibac soap
and hot water.

At £16.00 I would highly recommend the Wand Essentials Purple Massage Bumps
Silicone Attachment if you are looking to add an extra dimension to your wand play –
it’s a 9/10 from me.

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Wand Essentials Purple Massage Bumps Silicone Attachment

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