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Sexy can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It could be a
slim, toned man wearing nothing but a thong. It could be a curvy girl with big
boobs and a big butt. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to be

Sometimes I can feel overwhelmingly unsexy. By most peoples definitions of sexy, I
am below par. A pretty face and a rotund body are not the most sought after
qualities on the sexy sliding scale. I am sexy though; and I have ways of making
myself feel that way too.

With a love of shoes!

I can, and do look good in clothes. In sexy lingerie and fishnet tights, with my
head held high, my make up done and my hair teased and curled, I look fine (as in
damn fine!). But sometimes clothes don’t fit. The sizing can be wrong, or it’ll
look way better on the model than me. These things can make my sexy, confident mood
plummet faster than a falling star. Shoes. Always. Fit.

Put me in a shoe store and my mood soars. I am a confident, happy, excited, sexy,
bad ass bitch. I want them all. Flat, pretty and plain. Bright, sky-high heels or
exciting patterns. If you slip any shoes on my feet I can walk with confidence. I
may stumble about on platforms for a minute or two; but just like Bambi, I’ll find
my balance and then strut.

Boudoir Adult Boutique are now stocking Pleaser Shoes! My favourite, all inclusive
brand. There are so many styles to choose from, if you’re goth inclined, pretty
femme, if novelty/fantasy/cosplay is your thing, if you have large feet (they have
up to a UK size 14 in some styles) or if you’re vegan there is something for you.

Don’t worry about being sexy, shoes won’t judge you but they will support you.

A guest post from the lovely Rose at
Check out our Pleaser shoes range here – new styles added weekly!

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